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Lontar Weaving

Weaving is one of the most learned craft in Indonesia especially in Bali. This is basically the method of creating rugs, clothes, and other pieces using threads from indigenous materials like silk, plant fibers such as pineapple, palm, lontar and many others by using the traditional weaving machine which is the loom.


Lontar Weaving

Lontar Weaving


Learning The Art of Lontar Weaving:
Wonderful and Stylish Hobby To Enjoy

The practice of weaving can be dated back more than centuries ago. In fact in Indonesia, lontar weaving is the most popular. Lontar basically comes from palm genus which is a tall palm tree and natively growing in tropical regions of Africa, Asia and New Guinea. Lontar fibers are used in weaving to produce creative pieces.

There are many workshop in Bali that caters lessons in Lontar weaving. Craft Workshop Bali has all the list of available workshops for weaving and one of the known facilitator of organizing lontar weaving workshop is the WS Art Studio. Master weavers will assist art enthusiasts throughout the workshop.

Students of the workshop are taught different styles of Indonesian weaving: Ikat and Tapis. Tapis is a traditional weaving style originated from Lumpung, Indonesia and the word also refers to the resulting cloth. The style of the woven material are consist of striped naturally-colored cloth intricately embroidered with warped and couched gold-thread.

Whereas Ikat is the dyeing and as well weaving technique in Indonesia. This is used to pattern textiles with a wax dye. The patterns are clearly visible in the fabric. Weaving by ikat style can be done slowly that the weaver carefully weaves by adjustment in order to maintain the clarity of the patterns.

The lontar weaving in Indonesia has emerged to be a successful industry. With that, weaving cloths is probably the most in demand. Anyone can see how wonderful the weaved clothes are made by creative artisan weavers of Indonesia.