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Wood Carving Workshop in Bali: Create Beautiful And Timeless Wood Art

04 Oct Posted by in Art Tips, Woodcarving
Wood Carving Workshop in Bali: Create Beautiful And Timeless Wood Art

Woodcarving has been a traditional art in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is known for master carvers and sculptors that create and produce intricately beautiful works of art made from durable wood. As for everybody’s knowledge, woodcarving is a great hobby even for beginners. So if you find yourself in Indonesia, take time to enjoy creating crafts like these at Craft Workshop in Bali.

Learning about the rudiments of wood working crafts takes a lot of effort and patience. This is because carving is very meticulous work, but if you invest patience, you can yield completely satisfying pieces.

Actually, you can find many wood carving workshops in Bali and there are various wood carving styles as well. Wood art in Indonesia is influenced by its rich culture, tradition and religion. Myths, gods, and other religious deities inspire every fine work of art. These art pieces are regarded with high value and diverse craft masters have an array of styles with different characteristics.

Any type of wood can be used in woodcarving, but there exists an exception for resinous and coniferous varieties because of their soft fiber. There are about 8 types of wood species utilized in wood carving, such as mahogany, maple, linden, oak, walnut, ash wood, sweet cherry and pear.

Moreover, tools that are used in woodcarving should be sharp. Any carver should take extra care in carving his masterpiece because one simple mistake could damage the piece—or worse, cause accidents and injuries. Since you will be handling sharp chisels and tools, additional caution to avoid accidents is a must.

Create your masterpiece now with craft workshops in Bali. We can help bring out the artist in you through a number of workshop sessions with our great craft masters. If you are thinking of making wood carving a hobby, then you are in for a fascinating treat. It is definitely a wonderful experience to create woodwork crafts.

There is nothing like the experience of an authentic wood carving workshop in Bali and learning from the master carvers of the art. Sign up now.