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Stone Carving

Stone carving, like wood carving, is a fascinating activity to undertake. Throughout history, man has taken this most durable natural element and produced the world’s most famous artworks. Even today, individuals devote their entire careers to crafting art from stone. Let W.S. Art Studio offer you a first opportunity to be introduced to the art form the ancient Greeks considered the highest expression of human creativity.


Stone Carving

Stone Carving
Stone Carving


Stone Carving at W.S. Art Studio

If your travels bring you to Bali, one of the first things you’ll notice is the innumerable carved stone statuary adorning every temple, hotel, villa and private residence here.

These works of art run the gamut of human creativity; from centuries-old massive stone temple ‘guardians’ carved into hillsides to intricately carved cement deities and gods.

Our master carvers have worked in both wood and stone carving over the course of their individual careers. In Bali, one might interrupt a normal day’s wood carving at the family gallery to take time to work as part of a team of carvers employed by a temple or a new business concern to carve Bali-Hindu deities or animistic spirits, in either stone or cement. These hand-crafted creatures and creations live on as adornment for Hindu places of worship, or to decorate “Balinese-style” an entrepreneur’s new store or hotel.

Our teacher-carvers will expertly introduce the curious student to the tools and techniques used to craft a personal piece of three-dimensional stone art. In just 3 hours we’ll help the beginner student produce their first bas-relief stone carving. How often does one get the chance to explore, hands-on, the stone carving experience? Skip the pool for the afternoon and join us at the W. S. Art Studio to flex your “Renaissance” art muscle. Let’s see what you can carve into a stone canvas!