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Motif Batik Stories – Motif Batik Creation and Care Tips

14 May Posted by in Art Tips, Batik
Motif Batik Stories – Motif Batik Creation and Care Tips

Batik is one of the prized and preserved items in the South East Asian region. It is said to have originated in Indonesia and has been used ever since its creation, it has been added as an item with cultural and historical importance in the country. The Batiks come in different designs and colors depending on its type. The two main types of, batiks are which is determined according to its art or design, first, keraton motif batiks and coastal motif batiks. The coastal batiks feature designs that are like paintings because of the colorful pictures woven or painted in the batik. The keratin or classical motif batik on the other hand features abstract designs that are uniquely painted in the batik itself.

Motif batiks of today are now designed and created by machines that are designed to create hundreds of meters of length every day. Some batik crafts are still hand painted by expert motif batik designers that feature unique and colorful designs. These experts are investing so much time and effort that these designs are their works of art. Therefore, every owner of motif batik must take care of their batiks because so much time and effort has been invested by the artist designer just to create a very beautiful artwork.

So, for those of you out there that wants to start to create their own motif batiks, here are some useful hints and tips that will help you in your mission.

First, when using the malam or wax, always be sure of your design as final. Don’t change your mind when designing because the wax and the paints when applied in the batik might not be easily erasable. Second, when removing wax with hot water above a furnace or hot surface, always make sure get a good hold of the cloth, or it’ll burn and your effort wasted. Another is to make sure you have applied wax to a part or portion of the batik where you want it to be colorless at first. Make sure wax has been applied to that part so that the wrong color won’t spread to other parts.

Motif Batik is part of Indonesia’ culture. Creating them is a very tedious task that requires dedication and patience that a young practitioner must possess before being called a motif batik master.