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Batik Indonesia – A Nation’s Pride and Heritage

30 Apr Posted by in Batik
Batik Indonesia – A Nation’s Pride and Heritage

Batik is considered a national treasure in Indonesia. Batik is a fabric painted with the unique and intricate designs by artists and expert master designers. The batik has been used even before the arrival of the Dutch colonists and was able to reach the Netherlands because of trading. The batik may be a simple piece of colorful cloth to some, but for the Indonesians, it tells the story of their long and colorful history that stretches way back before the foundation of the first Indonesian community.

The batik has been recorded to be the first in use in an Indonesian community in 12th Century. The batik has been used in various Indonesian activities such as in religion, ceremonies, travel, and delivery of a baby, Indonesian home furnishing and design and even in day to day wear. In ancient Indonesia, the design of the batik tells the stature and position of the wearer in the community. Leaders, army and other members of the royal family, would wear the designs that are the most expensive and the best design in the community. Warriors and other military personnel would wear batik that have a dominating red color in the design. Sometimes, the design in the batik pictures of battles of warriors and other war related designs.

The batik in the community is as important as a sword is to a warrior. It never gets left behind, except in dire situations. Also, it never goes out of style. The batik in modern times has undergone many changes and has been included in modern Indonesian day to day wear. Today, Indonesian designers are incorporating traditional designs in modern clothing such as jackets, gowns, night dresses, uniforms, blouses and many more. The batik, as an Indonesian philosopher has said, is the clothes of the nation. If the batik were to disappear, the nation will be naked.

The Indonesian batik is the national fabric of the Indonesian republic. This clothing will never go out of style and will forever be incorporated in the lives of all the Indonesians, young and old.

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