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How To Become An Artist in Bali

07 May Posted by in Art Tips
How To Become An Artist in Bali

Ever since the world began, people have been very particular about aesthetics and arts. It can be seen from the cave wall carvings or hieroglyphics of the ancient people. Then, it evolved to the different sculptures and paintings of the Renaissance period. Finally, art nowadays has covered a wide range of variation.

Indeed, arts have become a part of the everyday lives of the people. It spread out through the world rapidly. Each country has its own tradition and culture that gives a distinct attribute to the arts from their place such as paintings, sculptures, and architecture.

One place where arts is very well given attention and big emphasis is Bali. Being an Asian country that has surpassed colonization with success, Indonesia has kept its identity; thus, incorporating the unique heritage to modern arts.

Because of this, many people around the world are eager to become artists in many field in Bali. What does it take to become an artist in Bali? First off, know that there are many ways to express art.

The very first type of art in Bali is painting. Balinese painting are usually done in paper, although some opt for canvas and board. One noticeable characteristic of paintings in Bali is the repetitive designs of waves and patterns. Depending on the village, paintings can present many things. Ubud prefer using open spaces and human figures. Sanur often present erotic scenes and animal figures. Batuan uses less color but more detailed.

The next type of art expression is wood carving. Similar to painting, wood carvings also present the traditions and cultures of the place. Often times, sculptures are about mythical monsters or ancient people wearing traditional costumes.

The last one and one of the most common art in Bali is cloth weaving. Batik is a very common product in Bali. It is a cloth made traditionally of manual wax-resistant materials with patterns spread throughout the canvas. It can serve many different purposes. It plays a very crucial role in rituals and ceremonies. It can also be a good souvenir of the place.

There are other ways to express one’s passion in art. You just need to be confident about what you do and try not to impress anyone with your art.